18 Ed Leaders to Follow on Twitter

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Twitter is the perfect DIY PD machine. It lets you take control, learn in bite-sized pieces just when you need the information, and it’s nothing if not current. To get your self-improvement started, consider following these leading voices in education today:

Frederick M. Hess, @rickhess99

Director of American Enterprise Institute Ed Policy Studies and a blogger for Education Week, Rick Hess turns out thought-provoking work from a conservative viewpoint.

Baruti K. Kafele, @PrincipalKafele

This former urban public school principal now writes about how PD can help improve school culture and erase the achievement gap.

Jennifer Gonzalez, @cultofpedagogy

Looking for instructional and classroom management strategies? Follow Gonzalez, a former teacher and former teacher of teachers, who now runs the Cult of Pedagogy blog.

Eric Sheninger, @E_Sheninger

This former principal is a senior fellow at ICLE and one of the stalwarts who created education PD through Twitter. He’s well-read, well-connected, and well regarded.

Chris Lehmann, @chrislehmann

The founding principal of Philadelphia’s Science Leadership Academy is an author of a new book, Building School 2.0.

Larry Ferlazzo, @Larryferlazzo

This urban high school teacher and Education Week blogger often discusses issues around teaching ELL.

Dr. Randall Sampson, @RandallSampson

He founded Liberty Leadership Development and wrote Personalized PD: Tell Your Story.

Michael Petrilli, @MichaelPetrilli

When you want to learn about the intersection of education and policy, you want to hear his take on things: he’s president of the Fordham Institute and editor of Harvard’s Education Next.

Steven W. Anderson, @web20classroom

This prolific former educator is the co-creator of #edchat and a booster of how to integrate technology into every part of your school.

Sheryl Sandberg, @sherylsandberg

She’s not affiliated with education, but you’ll learn a ton about management, work-life balance, and more by following this super connected Facebook vice president.

Sir Ken Robinson, @SirKenRobinson

The creator of the most watched Ted video, Robinson champions creativity in schools and advises governments, education systems, and global corporation. “Imagination is the source of all human achievement.”

Simon Sinek, @simonsinek

He’s a management theorist and leadership author who discusses how leaders can inspire cooperation, trust, and change. His Ted talk was titled Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe.

Conor P. Williams, @ConorPWilliams

He’s the founding director of Dual Language Learners National Work Group and frequent essayist.

Onica L. Mayers, @O_L_Mayers

Want handy advice from the trenches? This Houston-area principal is dedicated to developing learners and boosting teachers.

Scot McLeod, @mcleod

This educator and blogger (Dangerously Irrelevant) is an associate professor of educational leadership at the University of Colorado, Denver.

Robert J. Marzano, @robertjmarzano

His bio says it simply: “I translate research and theory into educational practice. It could also say that during 50+ years in education, I’ve written 40 books, 150 articles and been the keynote speaker at countless education conferences. And your district probably follows the frameworks I’ve created.”

Audrey Watters, @audreywatters

If you want to read something that will surprise you, make you disagree, or possibly make you realize that someone else gets you, turn here to this self proclaimed ed-tech Cassandra.

Andy Smarick, @smarick

President of Maryland state Board of Education and a Fellow at AEI.