Education News Round-up: Early January 2017

Here are the top education stories from the first two weeks of 2017, from expert advice on how to combat teacher stress to interesting stories from school districts around the country to national news on federal policy. We read hundreds of web stories every month to find the ones school leaders like you won’t want to miss.

  1. Funding opportunity
    $250 Million up for grabs for states, districts, and nonprofit educational orgs, in a grant competition sponsored by the U.S. Department of Ed.
  2. Focus, people
    A fascinating Atlantic article on how training teachers to identify and increase executive function in kids leads to achievement.
  3. School accountability snags
    Some Georgia school reports have teachers and parents scratching their heads.
  4. Gun-toting Teachers
    One Colorado district will allow teachers to carry guns in school. What could go wrong?
  5. “The Education of Barack Obama”
    A long think piece from The Nation on President Obama’s education policies and their impact.
  6. Mississippi’s school for principals
    Applications are due February 1.
  7. New Jersey students rebel against class schedule change
    In the age of online petitions, beware children’s knee-jerk reaction to proposed changes.
  8. “The Great Kindness Challenge”
    Schools can sign up to participate in the January 23-27 initiative.
  9. The woman super shortage
    Here’s a PBS article addressing the gender gap in school district leadership.
  10. Leadership books to read in 2017
    Great list compiled by an Education Program Manager at Intel.
  11. New Year’s resolutions for school leaders
    Pretty good goals here.
  12. Teacher predictions for 2017 in education
    This Washington Post op ed has a gloomy outlook.
  13. Protect kids from the internet … now
    Turns out, it’s never too early to teach kids how to be skeptical of the internet.
  14. The “realest school leadership book you will ever read”
    Our review of Escaping the School Leader’s Dunk Tank, about falling prey to bullying and corruption in education, and how to survive.
  15. The economics of school vouchers
    This New York Times piece covers leading economists’ work on how the free market can, and cannot, work in public education.
  16. An insultingly small teacher bonus put to good use
    Some Indiana teachers at struggling schools were offered $42 bonuses.
  17. Incentivizing attendance
    Pizza party! Also, electronics!
  18. Outsourcing summer school?
    A district in Missouri is seriously considering it.
  19. Does Trump care about school accountability?
    A former assistant secretary to the U.S. Dept. of Ed on the two clear signals DeVos will need to send in her confirmation hearing.
  20. What Texans think of (and hope for) schools
    The Texas Education Agency’s public survey reveals public support for early ed, tech training, and boosting student engagement.
  21. Teachers should be better actors
    A fascinating article on how delivery, tone of voice, and expression have a huge part to play in the success or failure of teaching.
  22. Single-sex education
    A student opinion piece in the times on the value of all-boys and all-girls schools.
  23. Teachers are stressed, and that should stress us all out
    This NPR piece on high levels of stress in the teaching community calls for a concerted effort to fight it.
  24. ELL students are gifted, too
    “Many schools don’t even test ELLs for giftedness, and most teachers aren’t trained to identify those students.”
  25. Snow days
    Great Atlantic piece on what it takes to close a school for a snow day—and how that standard varies wildly from state to state.
  26. School district landlords?
    When districts would rather rent housing to teachers than pay them a living wage.
  27. Agriculture training in city high schools
    Interesting piece on city schools that are offering agriculture job training to students.
  28. Research is in: Head Start works
    This NPR article shares some great lessons (research results) from 2016 in education.
  29. West Virginia schools playing parent
    For children of drug addicts in this poor state, school can be a lifesaver.